Andy Jacobs is a designer based in Auckland New Zealand, working on a diverse range of products for local and international clients. 





Andy Jacobs is an Auckland based Product Designer who works with clients across a wide variety of industries. With a consistently considered approach, Andy has the flexibility to deliver innovative results for projects ranging in scope and complexity. 


With a core skill set of designing unique objects from concept to manufacture, Andy also creates compelling 3D imagery that can be used to describe concepts or even form the basis of marketing a yet to be realised project. This is complemented by the use of in-house or external 3D printing that can speed up decision making.



Some selected accolades


Red Dot Product Design Award
With Jamie McLellanEight Parntership for  
Cathay Pacific Cutlery

DINZ Best Design Awards
Gold Pin - With Jamie McLellan for Kayak 1

Gold Pin - With All Good Organics for All Good & Sparkling


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